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Sarah’s song

Sandals scraped against smooth stone somewhere ahead of her.  Sarah paused listening.  Rough stone was cool against her hand, she eased herself closer to the wall.

The clatter of sandals on stone worn smooth through centuries of bare feet echoed far along the hallways of the temple.  Shadows surrounded her, protected her from the predators running rampant through her home.  An approaching glow warning of an impending encounter allowing her to find an ambush point. The stone wall felt cool against her shoulder.

Faint light at least two turns away, suddenly growing fainter.  Through some trick of the architecture the sound of their passing just vanished.  Sarah was left in silence to consider: follow them or slip past? She slipped past the corner and padded forward a few feet along the next hallway.  A few doorways broke the walls of the corridor their dark openings stark outlines in the light stone.  She paused, scanned the hallway ahead, tried to peer into each shadowed door but they presented no information.

‘What to do,’ she wondered.  With no obvious alternative presenting itself, Sarah took two long steps and lunged forward, landing on her hands then rolling along her back and finally coming to a standstill in a dark patch of shadow a few feet from the corridor wall.

No cry of alarm went up from the empty rooms, there was no sign of danger from anywhere near or any other sound except her breathing, faint in the gloom.  Had she missed them completely?  Who were they?

Sarah moved lightly, on the balls of her feet, barely disturbing the air with her passage.  Along the corridor another hallway led to the right.  Perhaps the unknown light-carriers had gone that way.

She sidled up against the wall and peered around a corner into the gloomy depths.  No light, reflected or otherwise disturbed the darkness.

Sarah scrunched her face up into a scowl.  This wasn’t going well.  She’d separated from her partner only a short time after re-entering the Temple and had been unable to locate any of her sisters since.  Or anybody else for that matter; it seemed as though her night would be free of conflict or companionship.

A weird, reverberating howl pierced the night.  It echoed along corridors and off walls seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. The sound seemed unreal, some perversion of terror incarnate unleashed on an unsuspecting soul.  Goosebumps crawled along Sarah’s spine.

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