Flea’s Revenge

She stared in disbelief at the carnage before herShe raised her hands and all eyes were upon her.  Deft motions of practiced fingers spread the news that had cost one of their own her life.

“The Demon Usurper wants our magic,” Storm signed, “our battle plan needs to change.”

Mei Ling scowled briefly as her brilliant mind began recalculating the scenarios.  Storm caught the look of concern flashing across her best friend’s face.  Nothing to be done about it now.

“We must stop them from breaching our secrets,” Storm’s fist struck her palm, the sound overly loud in the quiet room.  “Guard our secrets at any cost!”

The beautiful, Amazon princess padded silently across the cold, stone tiles to the side of the doorway, listening intently for any sound of enemy presence.  Behind her, the rest of her band followed, moving quickly to line the inner walls.

Storm held up a hand and all motion instantly ceased.  In the resulting silence a gentle, far-off tapping could be heard.  Sandal-ed feet were approaching along the main hallway toward the front door.  Heartbeats quickened and barely contained anger flared in anticipation of the coming kill.  Amazon warriors smiled darkly to each other across the gloom.

Storm made a fist with her upheld hand and then raised two fingers.  Two warriors came up to join her.  The three moved to the room’s entrance, muscles taut.  Flickering torchlight played against the wall showing the enemy’s approach.  When the flame came into view, the three women leapt through the portal into the main hallway and landed squarely.

Both guards stopped dead in their tracks, suddenly confronted by three almost naked women appearing from the darkness as if by magic.  They stood dumbfounded, staring at the smooth oiled skin, tan from long days spent working in the sun.  As their eyes drifted down the women lashed out as one, feet cracking against slackened jaws.

Two necks snapped almost in unison, and the guards were thrown backwards to the floor.  In seconds their bodies had been pulled into the room, stripped and dumped in a corner.  Storm guarded the hallway with her two warriors while the rest paired off and scattered into the labyrinthine passages of the ancient temple.

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